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SHARP FTC Robotics team is recruiting (May- September)

FTC Robotics students ages ~12-18 get to experience the engineering processes of developing ideas, planning, designing, building, programming, evaluating solutions and reiterating to make improvements throughout the season, which lasts from about August to about March. The FTC game challenge is played on a 12’ by 12’ playing field, and involves the robot being designed, built, and programmed to operate autonomously for 30 seconds and controlled remotely for 1 ½ minutes to complete different missions each year such as drive down a ramp, collect balls and dispense them into various size tubes then transporting the tubes to designated parking places. FIRST, which stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”, was founded by inventor Dean Kamen to help young people develop a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Requirements to join Team S.H.A.R.P.

  • Must be a motivated, driven individual between 7th-12th grade with a strong desire to compete on a high school Robotics team
  • Must submit application for review and possibly complete interview
  • Must work well with others on a team
  • Must commit to help team fundraise
  • Able to pay the fee to join of $150 per family, plus other costs that may arise
  • Must commit to 2 meetings per week in Spring Hill, up to 4+ hours per week Aug-Mar or Apr
  • Must attend at least 80% of the meetings and participate, must read and follow game manual and all FIRST rules
  • Must be constructive, willing to compromise, respectful of others and respectful of meeting premises (team meets at robotics shed in SH)
  • Must be willing to travel to competitions, often out of state

If you are not able to meet all of these requirements, we have an apprenticeship program. To see more about our apprenticeship program click here.

Possible Jobs/Roles with Team SHARP

Robot Builders

  • Designer – Responsible for robot design and makes sure that all designs and strategies are acceptable within Game Manual and Forum guidelines.
  • Builder – Responsible for the build and maintenance of the robot. At least one builder should always be present when programming in case of mechanical failure.
  • Fabricator – Responsible for building robot parts. Should have a good knowledge about power tools and be comfortable using them.
  • Electrician – Responsible for all electrical systems on the robot. This includes the battery, controllers, robot phone, and all wiring.
  • Programmer – Responsible to code and test the robot, and fix any errors.

Community Outreach Personnel – Responsible for community involvement such as demonstrations, camps, scrimmages, and meeting with other FTC teams to mentor them.

Computer Work

  • Engineering Notebook Compiler – Responsible for the Engineering Notebook and recording things that occur at meetings and events. Also creates a poster that will be displayed at competitions that showcases the team, the year, and memorable events.
  • Social Media Personnel – Responsible for keeping up with all social media such as the FIRST website, updating the SHARP website, keeping up with new content on blogs, social media sites, as well as asking questions on and keeping up with the FIRST forums.

Drivers – Responsible for operation of the robot during the tele-operational period of the robot game.

Field Personnel – Responsible for the build and maintenance of the robot playing field and keeping it clean. This person is also knowledgeable about the point value of the field elements. They are also knowledgeable about what field behaviors are and aren’t allowed as well as strategies that other teams are employing.

Fundraising Coordinator – Responsible for fundraising, finding sponsorship opportunities, and other means of raising money.

Photographer – Responsible for taking pictures at events and meetings for use in the Engineering Notebook.

Programmer – Responsible for programming the robot and ensuring that robot controller phones stay up to date and in good working order.

Team members may fill more than one job.


  • Team jobs include constructing field at the beginning of each season, giving input for Engineering Notebook, Fundraising, collaborating on robot design, and any decisions that arise.
  • Game manual and current year’s challenge is issued in September each year.